Puzzle Solved (see bottom of page for solution)

on his 4th visit to the Wanderlust blurbex49 found a box. Besides some dates and symbols it mainly contained a lot of documents


  • project name
  • star map with "Milky Way" / "Pegasus" text
  • sketch
box1_1_blastoderm.jpg box1_2_plan.jpg box1_3_planBack.jpg box1_4_sketch.jpg


  • project name
  • plan1
  • plan2
box2_1_croquet.jpg box2_2_plan.jpg box2_3_plan.jpg


  • project name
  • tighmert

Tighmert is an OASIS in Morocco

  • house
  • holme bay

Possible connection: Holme Bay is a Antarctic OASIS

box3_1_multibranch.jpg box3_2_tighmert.jpg box3_3_house.jpg box3_4_house.jpg box3_5_holmebay.jpg


  • project name
  • geo plan

Possible connection: The geological diagram appears to show water slightly underground / amid something that could be sand - is it a diagram of an OASIS or similar?

box4_1_pseudomyth.jpg box4_2_geo.jpg


  • project name
  • dromedar
  • tollway flyer

Possible connection: the circled location on the tollway flyer are OASIS rest stops

box5_1_kathode.jpg box5_2_dromedar.jpg box5_3_tollway1.jpg box5_4_tollway2.jpg box5_5_tollway3.jpg


  • project name
  • painting with "Going Nowhere…"

Possible connection: "Going Nowhere" is a song from OASIS
Painting looks like a tree in the desert which could also be an oasis reference (is it the Tree of Tenere or similar?)

box6_1_angstrom.jpg box6_2_painting.jpg box6_3_paintingBack.jpg


found by deathsatchel:

Calling the M&B telephone line and typing OASIS (62747) on the number pad results in a voicemail message.

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