Possible Puzzle - NOT solved


This image is in the archived projects/bedlam folder (which has a locked folder titled harmonics). It is not confirmed to be a puzzle but certainly looks like one!

Some information about the plants and invoice:

Quantity Invoice plant name Common plant name Plant family
100 (or I00) Alnus glutinosa Black alder Betulaceae
153 (or I53) Cyperus alternifolius Umbrella Papyrus Cyperaceae
123 (or I23) Brosmium paraense Satine Bloodwood Moraceae
100 (or I00) Erythroxylon mexicanum Redheart Erythroxylon
55 Ulmus procera English Elm Ulmacaea
300 Taxus baccata English Yew Taxaceae
  • All of the plants are known to be in some way poisonous
  • Some of the plants are used in witchcraft related to death, rebirth, reincarnation (Alder, Bloodwood, Elm, Yew)
    • Theory from Discord: maybe it's not the plants that are being kept alive?
  • The typography of the invoice is a little odd - what we assume to be 1s look like Is, and the 'a' characters are very dark - however, both are probably just due to being written on a typewriter.
  • "Brosimum Paraense" is misspelled on the invoice. Its more common name is also Brosimum Rubescens.
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