Quiz and voice messages

Partially Solved (quiz solved, but assumed puzzle in the messages is not).

Mesmer and Braid gave this quiz to their collaborators.

The answers come from the onboarding documents and are 2, 3, 4, 1, 4.

Using the hint from the quiz "collaborators we can call on." players called the M&B telephone number and entered this code - 23414.

They were then able to select each assignment type and hear a voice message from Wolf Mesmer Jr.

Transcripts/Recordings of the messages

Transcribed by thatpuzzleguy, sequoya and others
Recordings by 4pollo
Order is as per the phoneline (i.e. for Nookfinder, press 1, Arcadeer, press 2, etc)

Greetings to you, my fellow Nookfinders. This is Wolf Mesmer Jr. I'm not surprised that your curiosity and itinerance have led you along this path. As one who has found himself with perhaps an abundance of conflicting perspectives, I can honestly recommend you always heed your progress, yes, but also to look to those around you who may not be of your assignment. Even eyes who are not seeking can show you an unseen path. I look forward to observing the progress of your collaboration.

I will always admire your openness, Arcadeers. Greetings, this is Wolf Mesmer Jr. Many times throughout my life, I found myself wishing I could be as gregarious as an Arcadeer. Perhaps if I was as able to bring people together as well as you, things could've turned out much differently than they have. As ever, I will aspire to find a path alongside yours. And perhaps that mythic bridge lies just around the next bend. I look forward to observing the progress of your collaboration.

Greetings Glowrights, this is Wolf Mesmer Jr. and I've got a special place in my heart for you. I never met a Glowright I liked until 1978, and then I married her almost immediately. Your artistry and your sapience has brought you this far and I have no doubt that they will help you guide Mesmer & Braid into the future it once shaped. I look forward to observing the progress of your collaboration.

The mighty Egressquires. Greetings, this is Wolf Mesmer Jr. It isn't widely known, but my father, who identified these synoplacius assignments, was himself an Egressquire. I will always admire the ways in which you challenge boundaries, even if you may overstep those bounds at your own peril. I would tell you to beware letting your gaze outreach your grasp, but we both know your competitive streak will always win out. I look forward to observing the progress of your collaboration.

Greetings, this is Wolf Mesmer Jr. I envy you, the Chronservators. It is a noble temperament, your vigilance and your mindfulness for conservation, but legacy can be a curious thing. Is it something to be shaped, or something to be acknowledged, warts and all? I suppose it depends on which master a legacy is to serve. I trust that your sensitivity and awareness will help guide Mesmer and Braid to the truth the world needs. I look forward to observing the progress of your collaboration.

File nameFile typeSize
0_menu.mp3MPEG ADTS128.73 kBInfo
0_welcome.mp3MPEG ADTS262.7 kBInfo
1_nookfinder.mp3MPEG ADTS354.2 kBInfo
2_arcadeer.mp3MPEG ADTS381.72 kBInfo
3_glowright.mp3MPEG ADTS303.68 kBInfo
4_egressquire.mp3MPEG ADTS418.03 kBInfo
5_chronservator.mp3MPEG ADTS359.7 kBInfo
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